MPOWER PARTNERS-The Premier Payroll / PEO Brokerage Firm

Offering our clients unequaled consulting and honest advice. Our goal is to provide our clients with the ability to consider multiple options in order to make the most informed decision for their business.

Outsourcing Vendor Management

 EMPOWER PARTNERS offers you a wide range of solutions to professionally run your back office. Our approach is to empower you by shining a bright light on cost vs services, unbundling services to professional, vetted and credentialed vendors. You choose services that are tailored to fit your business’ goals, we manage the rest. 


Payroll is too inexpensive to do yourself when you can outsource it.  It is an essential component of your business. Effective payroll administration goes way beyond cutting a check.- between payroll tax fillings, garnishments, new hire reporting, deductions, etc. there are endless task associated with processing payroll, ones that must be executed flawlessly every pay period. Our payroll specialist can handle all of your payroll needs, including payroll tax deposits, and 941, W-2, W-4, W5, and I-9 processing. If you are outsourcing your payroll, you are on the right track; it is a huge step toward streamlining a business.  Let MPOWER PARTNERS double check your current vendors for you and we’ll present several potential money saving and liability protecting options. 

Certified Payroll Reporting

 Does your company work on projects requiring certified payroll reporting? MPOWER PARTNERS has options in place to streamline the process of certified payroll. 

Human Resources

We will take all the guess work out of government regulations and keep you your business up to date and compliant with federal, state, and local laws. Our Specialist help you with:

  • Development and implementation of HR policies and procedures
  • HR audits and investigations
  • Employee discipline & termination support
  • Performance management and training guidance
  • Unemployment insurance and claims administration


Tax Credits

Does your company have the expertise to get every tax credit that you are eligible for? 


  • Work Opportunity Tax Credits can provide tens of thousands of dollars in tax relief per year. Let us show you how those credits can be put back on to your bottom line.
  • Certain payroll taxes drop off of your payroll expense burden when your employees reach predetermined wage limits.  To increase profits, some payroll companies and Professional Employer Organizations (PEOs) do not pass this tax relief back to your company.  We recommend that you get all the tax breaks that your company is entitled to through a transparent structure which is constantly reviewed.


The importance of offering high-quality employee benefits can't be overstated. With the trend of rising health care cost, finding an affordable way to provide competitive, attractive benefit options has never been more challenging. Our partners offer a full range of high-quality affordable options.

Workers Compensation & Workplace Safety

Provide Workers Compensation Insurance with no down payments, no end of the year audits, and low modifier rates. In addition our PEO partners will provide dedicated workplace safety professionals that can help you design and administer a workplace safety program that not only ensures your company is compliant with OSHA and other federal and state safety regulations, but also educates your employees on how to prevent on-the-job accidents. And if an employee does get injured on the job, you can be sure they will be there to facilitate the process of getting the employee back to work and helping you fulfill all your responsibilities as an owner.